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Rubbish Removals

We are fully licensed company and registered with Environmental Agencies in Wigan under our rubbish removal name. You are guaranteed that your disposal requirements are met within 24-hour duration after making contact with us. No matter whether you require the single item to be taken away or simply a full house clearance, our clearance teams are always available and ready to offer assistance.

Our vehicles capacity allows us to accommodate all your needs from domestic clearances and commercial properties to motor vehicles and caravans. We will be happy to apply our extensive expertise to dismantle large items such as garages and garages before the clearance.

We are backed up with over ten years and thousands of successful house clearance service that has strongly build our reputation. We have cleared all types of property ranging from country estates to terraced houses, therefore, nothing is impossible in our hands.

With many years of experience and we can provide advice on auctioneers and auction houses and removals. We can also organize for packing, transport, and unpacking of any you wish to keep in the auction.

Our aim on any clearance is to ensure that all your house effects are either recycled or reused. We go through the property, item by item labeling all items for appropriate recycling. We offer gifts, donate or offer a comprehensive recycling solution.

Having this in mind we can provide you with perfect house clearance breakdown itemizing all the property detailing where and how it was recycled or reused. It will also provide total volumes and weights of goods collected and offer a full audited paper trail of all items from place of collection to disposal.

Garden junk collection is not only a difficult job but also a messy one. It is accompanied by many rules and regulations regarding on how and where to dispose the trash of which failed to adhere to them, there are costly fines and penalties. Our clearance service will not only save you time but also the stress of sorting your junk and taking them to an appropriate disposal center.

We offer commercial clearances from single item collection to part and full office clearance services covering all areas in Great Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire, Merseyside, Liverpool and other cities throughout the UK. Our services are friendly, fast and efficient office clearance services and a comprehensive recycling solution for your waste.

We can remove commercial waste from areas such as warehouses, bars, restaurants among other places. We can empty your trash bins and dispose of the waste.

Leadx Removals can offer you with speedy response to clearance service throughout the UK. Therefore if you require us, we usually offer fast and swift service within 24 hours after contacting us.  We will clear your garden perfectly no matter how overgrown it is, whether it is full of trash or weeds call us for easy clearance.

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