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Rubbish Removals

Whatever the heap of your rubbish, so long as you live near Bolton or areas around, we clear up all the junk. We will sweep and rake everything leaving your property as clean as possible. We have been in the removal industry for more than ten years, and we have built a reputation for our service, competitive pricing, and reliability.

Our team is professional in rubbish clearance offering our reliable clearance service with the required perfect clearing equipment. They will clear your junk wet or dry and remove any type of waste. We are registered with the Environmental Agency under Leadx Removals Team. It is important to know that it is your responsibility to make sure that you choose a fully registered company when disposing your junk and unwanted items.

Soon as our removals team have quoted rates for your junk removal, as our team will start loading your rubbish into removal vans leaving your compound swept clean. We offer clearance services to residents and businesses that are looking for reliable and affordable rubbish removals in Bolton.

From our base in Bolton, we offer services in all surrounding areas including Whitefield, Radcliffe, Rochdale, Ashton, Blackery, Bolton, Middleton, The Great Manchester, Liverpool, and all other cities in the UK. Our pricing system is always transparent, and we have tricked our clients with nasty surprises and hidden charges. Our prices are fair and as agreed from the onset with our clients. We usually recommend you to book before to avoid disappointments.

We have no problem when handling renovation builders wastes such as old bathtubs, sinks, toilets, tiles, shower cubicles and other waste from similar renovations around your property disposed of, doesn’t matter whether dry or wet in your area piled up waiting for our removal staff to handle it.

Clearing rubbish from the garden is always a stressful and messy job. It is usually associated with rules and regulation to be followed when disposing of the waste and failure to adhere there are penalties and costly fines.

Our garden rubbish removal team will save you both your time and headache of sorting your rubbish and disposing of it appropriately. We can collect everything we came across when tidying your garden and dispose of it where necessary.

If you need your multiple rooms to be cleaned, our house clearance team is always available and ready to help. We will take bin bags containing food waste, paper, and the general household trash that you may require it to be disposed of.

We offer commercial clearance service and we guarantee to dispose their waste responsibly. We collect the trash from places such as bars, restaurants, schools, and big organizations. If you deal with sensitive subject matters, we will ensure that it is disposed discreetly to avoid leakage o you information.

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